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Latest Deals on Public Mobile

Savings Offers from Canadian Cell Supplies (No Expiry)

1. Full SIM Refund if you have mail with QR Code

2. FREE SIM Card with new plans

3. $10 with Yours / Ours  Referral Code

4. 20%OFF on 1st Month Service (All Plans)

5. 20%OFF on $50 or $100 Top up with New Activations - (Limited Stock)

Savings Offers from Public Mobile (5 ways to Activate within valid Promo Period)

1. Pickup SIM Card from Mississauga / North York

2. Choose Local Delivery (One-Day)  $5  GTA + 25 Neighbourhood cities included

3. Choose Xpress Shipping  1-5 days - Anywhere in Canada

4. Submit Activation Form (SIM card with a Saving Plan Order Not yet Activated)

5. Order any Saving Plan if you have received SIM card order by mail with QR Code / Exclusive offer. Enter your sim only order number in comments & we will issue refund for sim order.

Offer 1

23 Nov  to 30 Nov 2021 - 3rd Month FREE

Offer 2

15 Nov to 29 Nov 2021 - 5GB Data (One Time) for plan $25

Offer 3

16 Nov to 30 Nov 2021 - 2GB Data/m for 6 months for plan $35 & above 

Offer 4

03 Dec to 05 Dec 2021 - 2GB Data/m for 3 months for plan $35 & above 

Offer 5

01 Dec to 30 Dec 2021 - All Plans

-          One-time $0 2GB data add-on,

-          One-time $0 500 Int'l LD add-on

-          One-time Refer a friend $30 bonus

-          This promotion is available for new and existing Public Mobile customers.

-          This offer is stackable with other offers.

-          Customers can redeem this offer one time only.

-          Add-ons will fall off the account when fully used.

-          Customers will automatically lose their perks if they change their plan or cancel their service


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To get above promos, customer is not required to register an email or provide any promo code as a dealer once we activate customer will get above offers automatically as we get deals directly from Public Mobile. Our promos & deadlines can be different than the public mobile website so we can only offer what offers are listed on this page.