Discount Codes & Limitations – Canadian Cell Supplies
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Discount Codes & Limitations

FREE SIM Cards with SIM Activation Plan

Step 1. Click Here to Add a SIM Activation Plan -

Note: There is no deadline to activate plan after customer receive the SIM Card

Step 2. Click Here to Add a SIM Card

Step 3. Use below Discount Code on Checkout to get FREE SIM Card

Get Full Refund if you have a SIM Card from us (Lucky, Public, Chatr)

Price Match

Usually No Price match will be required as our prices already the lowest prices in Canada according to our knowledge, however if you still find a better price then please send us a link and we will try to match or beat the price.

All our orders are final and there will not be any price match or adjustment with our own prices as we change prices frequently according to stock availability.

Order Limitations

Monthly Limit on SIM Cards & Limit on Top Up Vouchers:

Only 2 SIM Cards of any brand are allowed in a Month Only One discount code is for one time use only for each customer, please do not create duplicate accounts to buy more sim cards or vouchers with one discount code.

Your account will be blocked if we find multiple transactions in a month , multiple account with same email, name, phone, shipping or billing address, credit card, PayPal account or any other related info.

Only Use a Canadian billing and shipping address to buy SIM Cards and Vouchers.
It is to protect us from fraud from using credit cards & PayPal accounts from other countries and since these products work only in Canada so Canadian should not have problem paying taxes.
Thanks for your trust and co-operation.