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Lyca Mobile SIM Card with Saving Plans

Lyca Mobile SIM Card with Saving Plans

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CAD $40.00
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CAD $30.00

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text and Data
  • Unlimited * Data at up to 4G/5G speed
  • Unlimited International Talk & Text to 75+ Countries**

Open below link to see Full Plan Details

1. Get FREE SIM with all Plans

2. We will Ship the SIM Card as per our Shipping Policy and customer will receive a confirmation shipment is on the way. For urgent deliveries select paid Xpress shipping Method on Checkout. 

3. Do NOT Activate the SIM Card as you have already paid for 1st Month & we will make your payment to AT&T for selected plan.

4. After you Receive the SIM Card, Complete and Submit Activation Form and we will complete activation in 1-2 days and will inform you by email once activated.

5. We see only pre-selected numbers at the time of Activation and will choose best possible number available. USA numbers are not transferable.

6. To renew your plan contact us 3 days before account expiry and renewal price will be the USD $ plan amount + 20% Top up Fee

7. if you want to get the same price as 1st month then order multiple plans and activate 1 SIM card every month with a new number.

8. Hotspot data is available on T-Mobile

Below is the link for Lyca Mobile Plans with full details


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