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FREE SIM Card with Saving Plan - Public Mobile / Wireless + Savings

FREE SIM Card with Saving Plan - Public Mobile / Wireless + Savings

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Public Mobile Offers Attractive Plans &  Great Savings Rewards

$2 AutoPay + $1 Loyalty Pays + $1 Per Friend + $20 Helping Others

Save More with us

Get FREE SIM + FREE Shipping + FREE Pickup + Savings on 1st Month + Use Your Referral Code if you have one otherwise we will enter so you get $10 referral credit with next billing cycle.

1. Order a SIM Activation Plan for Public Mobile on our website

2. We will Ship you the SIM Card as per our Shipping Policy

3. Do NOT Activate the SIM Card as you have already paid for 1st Month

4. After you Receive the SIM Card , Complete and Submit Activation Form

5. We see only pre-selected numbers at the time of Activation and will choose best number available for you according to your city selection. 

6. We will Pay full amount for 1st Month Bill & Activate SIM Card as per your instructions.

7. You will receive a reply by email to your SIM Activation Form with Activation Details in PDF attachment.

8. You will also receive another email saying that order is on the way which means order is complete now and SIM Card should work right away.

9. Check your Junk Mail Folder if you Can't find our emails in your inbox

10. Your PIN number will be your last 4 Digits of your Public SIM Card but PIN can not start with zero so in that case we will use use 1 instead of 0 for example if last 4 digit is 0365 then your PIN will be 1365

11. To manage your account Create New Self-Serve  Account ( with number activated by us and sent to you by email with PDF attachment.

12. If you wish to Port your number then login to your Public Mobile Account with your email address and password and Click on Change Number under My profile and Follow Instructions. Make sure old provider's SIM Card is in the Phone and Working to reply YES with in 90 minutes after receiving SMS. After replying YES your signal from old provider will disappear or old SIM Card will stop working in 30-60 minutes then you should insert Public Mobile SIM card and restart Phone and your temporary number in point # 9 will be replaced.

3 Options for 3rd Month FREE

10.Jun.2021 to 13.Jun.2021

Saving Tip:

Order a Plan of Your Choice & Receive the SIM Card by regular mail 1-2 Weeks. Use Option 1 once you get email for next 3rd month FREE Offer!



If you have already placed a SIM Activation Order and received the SIM Card then Just Submit the Activation Form on our website menu


Order SIM Activation Plan, Choose Local Pickup Mississauga ON on Checkout 


Just order SIM Activation Plan and Choose Paid Shipping Method as Expedited Parcel or Xpress Post and we will Activate SIM Card before 3rd Month FREE offer deadline ends.

Important Note:

We can only Activate the SIM Cards purchased with an Activation Plan, however if you have purchased only a SIM Card from us in past that can be activated by customer directly going to the Public Mobile Website. It is a loss for us that we can not help customers with offers for our own sold cards and its negatively effecting our sales. We are stuck due to 2 types of agreements from Public Mobile as we get different stock for sim only orders and activation orders. Thanks for your trust & understanding. 

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